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About Us

KiloReX plans to launch a cryptocurrency exchange and payment processing dApp (KiReX) run on the Tron Network. The name is derived from the prefix "kilo".  One KTRX will be initially issued at a value of one thousand TRX. Our decentralized application will allow users the ability to exchange their digital assets for fiat currency via direct deposit, as well as provide merchants with the option to accept cryptocurrency, receiving the equivalent value in fiat directly to their bank accounts. This allows users an easy way to exchange digital assets for fiat and merchants the ability to accept crypto without the hassle of storing coins/tokens. Therefore, eliminating the effects of a volatile digital asset market on the merchant's revenue. KiloReX is based in the US Pacific Northwest.


Our Plan

5,000,000 Token Supply:

  • 2,500,000 available through crowd funding and airdrops to user wallets
  • 2,500,000 frozen for six month period


Crowd Funding Goal:

300,000 KTRX = 300,000,000 TRX

= $3,900,000 USD value @$0.013/TRX

Our main goal is to create a dependable product!


KTRX is a TRC10 Token

Portland, OR
Portland, OR