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Team Development:

  • 5 software developers @$107,00/yr
  • 1 project manager @$200,000/yr
  • 1 marketing director @$145,000/yr
  • 1 accountant @$77,000/yr
  • 1 legal adviser @$73,000/yr
  • 1 web developer @$70,000/yr

Estimated total hires: 10 Team Members

Approximate total yearly salary expenses: $1,100,000

Inspired by the Tron Network and a belief in the democratic decentralization of data, we strive for consensus among our team members. That is why the first and most important step in developing a quality dApp, is building a unified team that shares the dream of bringing cryptocurrency into the mainstream. We can do just that by giving users the ability to exchange crypto for fiat and merchants a simple way to accept crypto payments.

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